Starr Ranch Wine

First there was the love affair with place. Then came the challenge of developing the vineyard. Finally we succumbed to the inevitable lure of making wine. Once we had proven that Starr Ranch was one of the premier vineyards in the Paso Robles area, the temptation to shepherd the fruit nurtured and coddled in the vineyard into an exceptional bottle of wine was just too great.

So, we modified our beautiful barn to house the Starr Ranch Winery and crushed our first fruit there in October 2006. Multi-talented winemakers, Phil Stevens and Jacob Raines, guided, advised and did the hard work to achieve the transformation. Currently we have reduced our production from almost 900 cases in 2012 to a mere 50 cases in 2016.

The Starr Ranch label made its debut in January 2009 with the 2006 Estate Syrah. Starr Ranch bottlings focus on Rhône varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and two Bordeaux-style blends. Currently available are 2015 whites and a several vintages of reds, 2012-2014. For more information about our wines and orders click here.