Vineyard excellence is first of all based on location, which embraces all the elements contributing to "terroir." From the beginning, it was the expressed objective of the Starr family to acquire a property capable of yielding the finest quality grapes destined for the best wines made in California. Here, on this hillside location fourteen miles west of Paso Robles, the site was found.

A dedicated team of in-house vineyard workers take genuine pride and joy in their vineyard. Labor crews are brought in only for time-sensitive passes through the vineyard, and all workers are supervised by the in-house staff. Farming is responsible and sustainable for the good of the land, environment and future crops. Crop loads are small (under 3 tons per acre 2010) and careful attention is paid to canopy management.

In-depth study concerning varietals, clones and rootstocks was undertaken. Once the planting decisions were made the vines were custom-grafted and nourished in the nursery their first year, where they awaited planting in the spring of 2002. Fourth Leaf 2004 was the first grape harvest.
With almost eleven full growing seasons complete, a taste of the wine made from Starr Ranch fruit testifies to the power of this growing location.

As well, it's evident that the dedication and hard work of those who farm it are true to their personal commitment of excellence. The ranch mantra, “Whatever it takes”, is spoken with pride. The team is made up of ranch manager, Neal Rambo, who has known and worked this land for fifty years; Luis Perez and Gilberto Soto, invaluable full-time employees, who have been with the ranch from the beginning; skilled winemaker, Bob Fuller; and Judy Starr who oversees all phases of ranch activities and winemaking.

There are 33.5 planted acres consisting of:

Cabernet Sauvignon 10.7 acres
Cabernet Franc 1.6
Syrah 6.3
Grenache 5.3
Tempranillo 4.3
Petite Verdot 1.0
Merlot 1.0
Roussanne 1.0
Grenache Blanc 0.5
Picpoul 0.25
Viognier 1.0
Mourvedre 0.5

Here are some of the wineries using Starr Ranch grapes:

Crooked Road
Cypher Winery
Edward Sellers Vineyards & Winery
Hug Cellars
Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards
Kenneth Volk Vineyards
Venteux Vineyards

Vineyard Photos